Social games combine the latest trends and technologies. The concept of themed worlds gives each player a chance to inhabit their favorite world. With each new world launched, a new NFT Heroes collection is featured and minted. With the support of The Force, we were able to create our first themed world Cybercity.


Cybercity is our first themed world. We wanted to customize the games and their characters to make the most of the world and create a more immersive experience. Each themed world has unique challenges, games, and personalized characters with the hero upgrade mechanism, gear, items, and resources. There are 3 factions:


Great for physical events. Rarity from 1 to 6


Combine human & robot skills. Rarity from 3 to 6


Powerful heroes, not too fast. Rarity from 2 to 6


March 30th - First Minting, Limited Edition 999 animated 3D NFTs Limited Edition, based on CYBERCITY 3 factions, 10 different families combined with clothes. There are only 3 units per hero with same features but different stats on games. The first minting is here

June, second half - Official Platform Launch 5.000 animated 3D heroes NFT based on CYBERCITY 3 factions. Rarity distribution:

Rarity Distribution Families Total units Price/u
Basic 38% 6 1900 US$ 10
Common 26% 5 1350 US$ 45
Rare 19% 4 950 US$ 95
Exotic 10% 3 500 US$ 275
Glorious 5% 3 250 US$ 650
Xtreme 2% 2 100 US$ 1440

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